Power Flushing

Our unique power flush system is the perfect way to maintain and clean your central heating system pipes, radiators and heat exchangers.

Sludge, lime scale and debris can build up in your central heating system. This will eventually cause blockages and affect the efficiency of your homes heating, making your system work harder and cost more.

Power flushing will remove most, if not all sludge, lime scale and debris improving the heating distribution around your home. Order your power flush today and allow your heating system to run efficiently and subsequently reduce your heating bill.

Power Flushing FAQs

How long does a power flush take?

This is dependent on the size of your system, as a general rule of thumb we would say allow half a day for a small heating system and a whole day for a large heating system.

My heat exchanger is blocked, will a power flush fix it?

This is very dependent on where the blockage is, and the layout of your heating system. We would recommend you contact one of our qualified heating engineers to take a look and they will be able to offer you the best solution, along with a free quote.

Power flushing services and central heating repairs are available across Cheltenham, Gloucester, Tewkesbury, Stroud, Cirencester and surrounding areas – please contact us.

  • Improved Heating Efficiency
  • Longer Boiler Life
  • Warmer Home
  • Lower Bills
  • Radiator Clearance